What is Local SEO? Top Local SEO Expert Speaks Out!

What is Local SEO? Top Local SEO Expert Speaks Out!

Get introduced to local SEO and how Google uses a local algorithm to determine which businesses get the best page placement.

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0:16 How local SEO is different from regular SEO and why it’s important
0:26 Search engine optimization or SEO
0:50 Local SEO
1:30 Google’s local algorithm
1:44 Who needs a local SEO?
1:50 How to check if Google’s local algorithm applies to your SEO
2:16 Local SEO targets

Most people don’t realize that Google uses multiple algorithms to return search results. Search engine optimization, commonly called SEO, is the strategy of optimizing signals on and off a website to influence how the site shows up when certain keywords are searched for.

When most marketers and business owners talk about SEO, they’re talking about regular, traditional SEO that targets Google’s traditional algorithm.Google uses a different algorithm to return localized search results, and Local SEO is the strategy of optimizing signals to target that specific algorithm.

Google is able to analyze the gazillions of queries it receives, and it’s figured out that for certain business types, even when the user doesn’t include any geographic modifiers in a search query – something like a city, a neighborhood, or a phrase like “near me” or “nearby” – that user still needs search results in the local area.

I love to use the pizza example here, and not just ’cause pizza is delicious… If you’re in a new town and you need to get a pizza, you’d pop on to Google and do a search for something like “pizza delivery”. Google will show you pizza joints that are nearby, even though you didn’t specify a location.

That’s Google’s local algorithm in action. Even if the best SEO in the world optimized a pizza restaurant in New York City, Google’s algorithm is smart enough to only show you pizza spots in your immediate area.

Any business with a physical storefront or that serves customers in a particular geographic area needs Local SEO. The easiest way to check whether the local algorithm applies to your business is with a quick Google search. Search for a handful of your most important keywords and check out the search results.

If you see a map pack – a map with three results underneath, that’s a clear signal that the local algorithm returned those results, and that means your business needs Local SEO.

But Local SEO isn’t only about the map pack. With Local SEO, you’re also targeting localized organic results and searches on Google Maps. Your business’s physical location is important, as is proximity – how far away you are from the user who’s doing the search.

The radius for local search results varies greatly between different verticals and even different cities. Typically, the more concentrated the competition, the smaller the search radius will be.

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