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Digital marketing is using the internet and digital medium in order to promote a product or service online. The benefits of using digital marketing tools are to reach to the larger audience, at less cost and quick time. There are various elements of digital marketing.

First is website. You need a website to show basic information about your business, the product or service listings. It helps your business to stand out and give unique identity to your business. You can include images, text, videos, links and many more in your website.

Once the website is ready the next element comes is SEO or search engine optimization. It is optimizing our website in order to rank it better in the search engine result page. Google, bing, yahoo, etc. are the search engines but mostly 80% of the traffic comes from google search engine. On page and off page optimizations are available for websites.

Now comes search engine marketing or Google AdWords or PPC is a paid method of promoting our website. We pay a certain amount to be on top of the search engine result page. It is paid form to increase traffic to your website.

Social media marketing is another element of digital marketing. From morning till we sleep, we are all involved in the social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram, youtube. The firms can target specific age group, gender, location etc. in order to promote the products or services.

Content marketing is another element of digital marketing. The content should be unique and informative so that it adds value to the end users.

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where if we promote a product or service offerings of some companies in our blogs or websites, we earn a commission based on the conversions.

Email marketing is used to make the personalized content to the users through emails

Recently mobile marketing is also being used to tap the customers. As the majority of the customers are mobile-centric, this form is gaining popularity.

We will bring a series of videos for digital marketing describing in details. Stay tuned to my channel and subscribe it.

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