The Delicate Line Between Creepy & Thoughtful Ecommerce Marketing

Have you ever gotten creeped out with an uncomfortably personal advertisement? The world of ecommerce marketing has made this kind of personalized advertising possible— sometimes to the detriment of successful business!

Here at Metacake, we work with some of the biggest brands around to scale their business, and we are EXPERTS in all things ecommerce marketing! In today’s video, we’re taking a good look at the Delicate Line Between Creepy and Thoughtful in Ecommerce Marketing.

The internet has brought us new and insightful tools to access customer’s information in a whole new way. As marketers, this leads many of us to ask…

How personal is too personal? And how can you use personal information to create thoughtful, NOT creepy campaigns specifically designed around your customers?

In our next video, we’ll show you EXACTLY how to walk that delicate line and use your knowledge of your customer base to build a strong, lasting relationship.

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Author: Ken Ott / Kenneth Ott

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