Tempered glass screen protector installation for smart phone

You can buy 9H Full Cover Tempered Glass For iPhone X 10 6 7 8 Plus Screen Protector For iPhone X 8 10 6s 7 Plus Glass cover Protective film from the link
In this video I will put the tempered glass screen protector on my Lenovo K3 Note
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I used my Lenovo K3 Note for a while so the plastic film screen protector has some scratchs
And now I will replace it with my new tempered glass screen protector
I bought this protector kits from Aliexpress includes the tempered glass screen protector
2 wipes: 1 wet, one dry, and they are labeled so you know what to use first
Dust-absorber incase you got some bubble cause of dust, you can use this to fix
I also need some tape to remove my old protector and help me re-do if I got any problem
Remove old plastic protector is easy with tape
The plastic protector did it duty well, there is no scratch on my screen
Now I will wipe my screen with the wet cloth
Then the wet one
Opp, I dropted the screen so need to clean the screen to remove some dust
now I will try to put it on, this is the first time I do this job so I got some dust in
So I need some help from the dust-absorber
Removing tempered glass screen protector is more difficult than plastics one but let me try
Removed the dust
Now let re-do it carefully
The second try was better, all dust and bubble removed.
Now clean the glass and finish the procedure
Hope this will protect my phone better than the plastics screen protector
Try my touch screen and it is all OK
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I used this glass in the video: Pelicula de vidro 2.5D Screen Protector Anti-Explosion Transparent protector film for Lenovo Lemon K3 Note 5.5″ Tempered Glass

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