Strategies from influencer marketing: apply them to grow your small business | VideoAsk Podcast E08

In this episode of the VideoAsk podcast « Business got Personal », we bring you one of the most controversial topics we can think of today in the marketing space.

Let’s talk about Influencer Marketing. Hype or hope?

To talk about it we bring you Avery Schrader, Founder, and CEO of, a company devoted to establishing honest influencer marketing.

Watch this episode to learn what strategies from successful content creators you can apply to your own businesses.

– Chapters –
00:00 – Who is Avery?
01:05 – How Influencer Marketing can have an impact on your business.
04:28 – The fundamental principles of Influencer Marketing.
06:12 – Fake Followers, shadow banning, and other problems.
07:18 – Differences between Influencer Marketing and Paid Advertising.
10:22 – The real power behind Content Creators.
14:35 – Making your brand more personal.
21:20 – Lessons from Influencer Marketing.
25:30 – A good place to start on Influencer Marketing.
32:08 – A few tips on content creation.

You can find Avery here:
LinkedIn: Avery Schrader

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