SEO vs Google Ads: The Difference between SEO and Google Ads

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Which is better: SEO or Google Ads? Learn the difference between SEO and Google Ads and decide which is right for your business.

What is the difference between SEO and Google Ads?

Google Ads is obviously with paid ads. We run ads, you pay for placing your ads on Google. Well, you don’t pay for placing it but pay for when somebody clicks on it. on Google and is the properties and partners. Whereas SEO is the organic way to get ranked on Google. So let’s say if I search for a particular Keyboard. I’ll bring this over here. So, I’ll just search for Google Ads dentist, right? So, you see the ads at the top. This is where the organic listings are.

So, it goes sometimes they show the Google Maps over here and so on. So, if somebody clicks on here, I don’t get any charges. Get free traffic. It’s not free actually because we need to do a fair amount of work to rank on Google page one. It’s not easy. Every niche, every vertical or market you go or you are bidding for will have competition. So, you need to be doing some content marketing, uploading your blogs regularly. Social proof plays a big part over here as well. And there are lots of other signals which Google will take into account and then rank websites, you know, to see for five and so on.

This is the organic one. What we also do is we get our videos ranked on Google page one. And this is something very few companies and businesses are leveraging. Google will show up to four different videos on Google page one. This is free traffic as well. And it’s a very powerful way to have multiple links on Google page one. Now over here if I had one more blog post which Google thought is really good and is rankable. I can have multiple SEO rankings over here. But not on the ads. You can’t you’ll only have one ad over here at the top not multiple.

But you can have as many links over here if Google thinks that your website links are better than the competitors then you will get ranked. So, right now over here on this page, I’ve got one as my text link. Three as my video. And this takes up a huge real estate. On Google and you can see that these are the only links with an actual custom image that has got my headshot on it. Or it could have your logo go on it. So, it’s a very powerful way to get ranked on Google and I would highly recommend that you start with video marketing if you already haven’t started yet.

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