SEO & PR Strategies, Tactics and Trends for 2020 – Chris D. – The Marketing Innovation Show (Ep. 14)

Keen to know how to gain your brand an amplified organic exposure, sky-rocket your SEO results and implement PR in the modern, post-2020 age? Grab a pen and notepad, and tune in!

On today’s episode, Chris Dickey and our host, Andrei will dive deep into the strategies that lay the foundation for building a strong, sustainable SEO campaign plan as well as Digital PR.

Having a career of over 10 years in PR & being a pioneer of SEO Growth Marketing, Chris is the founder of the US-based Purple Orange PR Agency & Visably. Visably is the world’s first platform to manage brand visibility in search. Using machine learning to classify over 100 million domains and websites, Visably is poised to be an indispensable tool for PR and Digital Agencies.

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