SEO And Trending Keywords For Florists part 3 | Google Ads For Florists

SEO and trending keywords for Florists part 3. In this video, I’m covering how to optimize Google Ads for florists. Because ultimately if your Google Ads and Google Adwords campaigns are going to be successful, the digital content for florists has to be spot on.

Ultimately if your online florist business is going to be successful, all of your SEO work has to have continuity between platforms. Meaning it all has to be working together between your website, all of your social media platforms, and anywhere else you have a presence on the web.

I’m Frank Blanchard AIFD and in the previous videos in this short series, I talked about the importance of SEO and trending keywords for florists. In this video specifically, I share how to optimize the digital content on your e-commerce website if you are going to be doing any Google Ads, or any Google Adwords campaign projects. This is where this work is really important because if it’s not, your Google Ads, etc. just aren’t going to be as successful. In fact, you run the risk of paying for the ads and nothing actually happens.

Be sure to check out the other videos in this series, they will really help you optimize your web presence.

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