Roberto Lion Motta – SEO Interview – Google Adwords Consultant

My name is Roberto Lion Motta, I am an Digital Marketing and E-commerce Management Consultant with over 20 years of experience, assisting the commercial management and back office of the company to increase sales.

I have several successful CASES, to increase your online sales quickly or expand your business.

Master in Business Administration, I am one of the most recommended professionals on Linkedin in my area in Brazil, check my profile, or search on Google to see my cases and recommendations.

I also work with: Web Marketing Planning, SEO, SEM and other activities such as: Adwords, Analytics, Email Marketing, Social Media and etc.

I have a proven experience, with several success stories to increase your online sales quickly, or develop an online strategy to expand your business.

MBA in Global Management, i work with Web Marketing for over 19 years in areas such as: Strategic planning, market research, SEO / SEM, E-commerce, statistical analysis, goal conversion, database, CRM, loyalty, networks / social media, partnerships with blogs, affiliate, sales channels, viral mkt, Adwords (GAP), Web 2.0, e-mail mkt, promotion, launch, diagnostic of information architecture (structure, design, content, navigation and interactivity.) Training and commercial web mkt.

– Web mkt plan for e-commerce has increased the average sales month in 80% and 80.000 visits by month;
– Web mkt plan t for e-commerce has increased the average sales month in 20%;
– Plan web mkt for e-commerce has increased the average sales month in 15%;
– Web mkt plan which increased 80.000 visits by month, increase of 70x referring sites and 600% in SEO;
– Web mkt plan for e-commerce that increase sales in 5x, 56x page views, 20x opt in e-mail;
– Web mkt plan to release a site getting over 250.000 page views in 3 months without spendings, through social media and viral mkt;
– Web mkt plan representing an increase of 40.000 visits by month, 270% in SEO, 400% referring sites. Branding campaign with a result 71x better in opt in e-mail capture;
– Online Media Plan PPC wich increased 9x the contacts of prospects via contact us;
– Web mkt Plan for Blog which increased 30,000 visits/month in just 3 months;
– Action of online branding with results 71x better than the previous period in the capture of mailing;
– Developed over 550 online trading partners;
– Among others.

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