What is the secret to search engine optimization (SEO)?

Well, this video goes through my TOP SECRET for SEO including the simple technique that most business owners and marketing directors never think about.

And, I’m not talking about a technical SEO audit or technical SEO tips.

It’s even easier than that.

It has a lot to do with understanding your customers’ psychology and the marketing funnel or sales funnel. If you think about this, and utilize my secret to success, you will have the perfect SEO strategy INCLUDING knowing exactly what kind of keywords you should use on specific pages of your website.

If you are looking for SEO keyword research tips, what are longtail keywords, and how to conduct SEO on-page optimization then this is the video you’ve been SEARCHING for!

I’m starting this channel to build a community for aspiring digital marketers and entrepreneurs. Send your BURNING digital marketing questions to me by leaving a comment below and I will answer them in an upcoming video.

xoxo Gina Wicentowich

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