Marketing With No Budget by Artem Shabalau, Stage Academy of Arts | Founders Breakfast

Marketing With No Budget by Artem Shabalau, Stage Academy of Arts

Presented at Founders Breakfast Hangzhou

☕️ Founders Breakfast
Weekly meetup connecting startups & founders to the entrepreneurial ecosystem via expert talks & trustful connections.

🚀 Founders Breakfast organized by weHustle
weHustle, a Shanghai-based platform for innovation and growth, is dedicated to supporting local and international teams as they navigate China’s dynamic business landscape. Through extensive collaborations and partnerships with startups, incubators, corporations, investors, tech communities, academia, and government entities, weHustle holds a unique position at the intersection of the innovation ecosystem resources. We offer digital marketing, recruitment, event management, community building, entrepreneur-related, and fundraising services.

Other activities:

🚗 Between Meetings
A series of on-the-go interviews in which we discuss innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.

⚙️ Startups Gear
We connect startups to growth opportunities in just one click.

International technology and innovation conference.

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