Marketing & Publicity For Your Band : Know Your Audience Discussion Panel | Metal Injection

Frank Godla of Metal Injection attends Inferno Fest Music Conference 2022 and sits down with Adam Sagir (Noise Cartel PR), Katy Irizarry (Season of Mist) and Celia Woitas (Hammer Hammer DE) for a panel discussion on publicity and marketing for bands in today’s age. Follow along as the group covers how they started, what they look for when building campaigns, advice for bands to make a name for themselves, ways a publication can grow, trends in today’s marketing climate and so much more.

00:00 Introductions
00:40 How the panelists started out in media
03:29 When should a band start thinking about publicity?
08:04 What are things you do to ensure coverage for your bands?
16:10 Has the rise of singles changed your PR campaign?
21:21 How involved do you get with artist social media?
24:10 Advice to bands starting out looking for representation?
30:00 How do you navigate publications with more available than ever?
34:00 Examples of proudest work in publicity?
40:00 Do you play into trends that happen in the world?

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