Local SEO Audit | Moving Company SEO #1 (Local SEO 2021)

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Google my business is one of the most powerful free marketing tools that local businesses can leverage in order to increase leads and sales.

Today we talk about the step-by-step process of Google My Business SEO and how you can dominate Google Maps and Rank #1 on Google. Local SEO is an important process to drive more local exposure on Google search and Google Maps.

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Google My Business SEO is a free service that allows you to show up in Google Maps, the Google+ Local page, and Google search results. It’s also where potential customers can find your business information like hours of operation and contact information. If you’re not using this tool for your business yet, it might be time to get started! Here are some tips for getting the most out of your account:

00:00 Website Audit
02:00 Technical SEO Audit of a Website
04:00 Basics of SEO when Auditing a Website
05:00 Content Audit of a Website
08:00 Why Local Businesses should care about their SEO
10:00 Why does SEO matter for a Local Businesses


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Local SEO Audit | Moving Company SEO #1 (Local SEO 2021)

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