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KIDS Opedia is a complete encyclopaedia for young children developed in an engaging, colourful, and fun learning format. It uses a mix of attractive pictures, sounds, animations, and text to entertain kids and help them learn.
The app is a great learning tool for toddlers, pre-schoolers, as well as school-going. It contains a wide range of topics, such as Alphabets, Numbers, Colors, Animals, Shapes, Everyday objects, Fruits, Vegetables, Transport, Body Parts, Occupations and many more. It allows you to configure different levels of learning complexity for your kids by focusing on single category or multiple ones.
While most of the apps for kids focus only on the learning aspects, we have tried to ensure that KIDS Opedia provides a holistic learning experience by applying the best practices in educational games, such as the L-A-R-A ( Learn — Assess — Report — Analyse ) Model. This model ensures that the app not only teaches kids but also allows them and the parents to test their knowledge through variety of quizzes. It further allows the parents / guardians to view the Quiz reports and analyse their kid’s progress.
The quizzes are designed to be fun like a game and not create any stress for the kids. The right / wrong answers and feedback animations encourage habit of reflection in the kids and motivate them to do better.
The reports present a detailed summary, such as words, correct / incorrect response, score in points, average time spent on each item, and total score. The reports are stored and segregated by Date / Time format for future reference. The quizzes come in different types and levels. You can configure the quiz by selecting single or multiple categories and randomize items to increase / decrease the complexity levels depending on your kid’s age and their progress. This makes it a great app that can be used from Preschool to Kindergarten to School aged kids.
The analyse feature helps the adults to analyse the kid’s progress across multiple tests and over a period of time. It helps to identify the strong and weak areas of the kid and thus provides focussed and prescriptive training to them.

The full version of KIDS Opedia contains over 25 categories with more than 15 items per category and a total of more than 500 item.

We are constantly working on adding new features to this application.

We would love to hear from you about your experience with the app, and any feedback or suggestions that you would like to share. You can rate the app on the App Store and post a comment. You can also send in your feedback and suggestions directly to us at
We value your feedback and make it a point to respond to every email. If you find that the app is making a difference to your kid’s learning and knowledge, we would request you to recommend it to other parents and kids.

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