Internal Style Concepts (59): Rou Guo Qi in Xing Yi

This video discusses an advanced topic: Rou Guo Qi, Gang Luo Dian, a concept implying how to manage Gang and Rou, especially the Rou aspect in Xing Yi practice.

Topics covered in today’s video include:
00:00 Introduction
00:38 Hai on Tea – 高山云雾茶Gao Shan Yun Wu Cha
07:58 Main Topic Introduction
08:31 Review of Chang Naizhou and 柔过气, 刚落点 Rou Guo Qi, Gang Lou Dian
12:04 Practice of 柔过气 Rou Guo Qi in Xing Yi
19:24 Principle of 柔过气, Rou Guo Qi in Xing Yi
22:18 Misperception of 柔过气 Rou Guo Qi in Xing Yi
25:24 Demonstration
26:00 Correction of Student’s Practice
28:49 Takeaways

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Shifu Andrea Moruzzi

Internal Style Concept (6): Gang and Rou

Internal Style Concepts (58): Gang Luo Dian in Tai Chi, 刚落点

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