I Invested $10,000 (FIRST INVESTMENT EVER)

I’m super frugal & I’ve never invested any money before, yet I just invested $10,000 LIVE as my first EVER investment! FREE Stocks w/ Webull: (worth up to $1850) NEW Investing YouTube Channel:

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Something I’ve never really talked about on YouTube is how frugal I am. I feel like this was partly something I was born with and partly something that I grew into after being down bad & super broke… because I just never want to be broke again – and I’m not saying money solves every problem, but it definitely gives you freedom!

With that being said, the main point of this video was to force myself to stop making excuses & start investing! I’ve wanted to start investing for a long time, but after having my daughter… it definitely made me decide to focus on it. But investing should be a focus in EVERYONE’S life.. no matter your age or if you have kids. Because investing long-term is a proven way to build real wealth. So let’s get it!

I start this off by depositing $10,000 LIVE as my first investment EVER, I know… kinda crazy (I was literally SHAKING) but hey, might as well dive in head first! The platform I used was Webull because I love their phone app & their desktop app – you actually can get FREE stocks when you sign up here: (worth up to $1850!!)

As for what stocks I’m buying… you can probably tell from the title « COINBASE IPO TO THE MOON » but basically, my first stock I ever buy was the Coinbase IPO! Well… this was technically 2 days after it went public, but it’s still at a super good price… in my OPINION (not financial advice). However, this is also what Cathie Wood’s opinion is. She literally invested 246 million on the first day and added more on the second day (making it 350 million). If you don’t know Cathie Wood is, she’s the CEO of ARK Invest & the one who predicted Tesla’s price when everyone was calling her crazy! So if Cathie buys… I BUY!

Honestly, I debated just going YOLO on Coinbase stock but my buddy talked me out of it (rightfully so) because going YOLO is NOT the proper way to invest – you want to DIVERSIFY! Plus, not only is going YOLO on one stock basically just gambling but if the price dipped 20% the next day… you’d be feeling super salty. lolol

Also, I wanted to buy more stocks than just the Coinbase IPO but unfortunately I only had $1,000 in instant buying power – I have to wait 5 days for the full $10,000 to hit. So Coinbase (COIN) was the only stock I was able to buy today… but if you want to follow along with my investing journey make sure to subscribe to my BRAND NEW Thomas Garetz Investing channel here: (it’s gonna be LIT).

Lastly, the one thing that may change your decision about using Webull is that they don’t let you buy « fractional » shares. So if you don’t have much of a budget to invest with, I suggest using either Robinhood or M1 Finance. I personally love M1 Finance because you can create all these different pies with any number of stocks, invest any amount of money, and then that money gets divided equally into all of the stocks in that pie.

You’re going to see me talking about M1 Finance more for sure – but you can choose whichever platform you want to use 🙂

M1 Finance:

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