How to Slider/Carousel post organically on linkedin | Linkedin Marketing Tutorial

How to post a LinkedIn Slider/Carousel post organically.
In this video I explain about, how to post bulk images in LinkedIn organically. It doesn’t look professional when you upload more than two or three images. You can create slider posts in LinkedIn by following these steps.
1.The images that will be posted should be organized in a folder.
2.Images can be converted to PDFs online or through software.
3.Log into your LinkedIn account.
4. Share the document.
5. Select the PDF file you wish to upload.
6. Your document’s title should be written.
7. Descriptions for the post should be written.
8. To post, click here.

Linkedin Carousel posts are documents shared on LinkedIn that can be scrolled through like a presentation. In addition, since users do not have to leave the platform for this, it keeps LinkedIn happy. Carousel posts stand out from the newsfeed because they are interactive and visually appealing.

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