How to Qualifying Your Leads | Ask These 4 Questions to Generate Quality Leads online marketing

When you are generating leads from the web, most will not be qualified.
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The last thing you want to do is waste your time, or your sales reps time, following up with people who are not qualified.

So here is how you qualify your leads:

You have to first ask people all of the right questions. Asking people for the name and phone number isn’t enough. From company size to budget and any other fields that can help you qualify your leads, should be asked.

It can even be open ended questions such as, « how can I help you… ».

In my business, I ask people questions such as:

What is your revenue?
What is your profit?
What are you 12-month goals?
When are you looking to get started?

The more questions you ask people the fewer leads you will get, but the leads you get will be more qualified.

Second, you can also use Clearbit to get more data on your leads. Such as the person’s position within the company they work in. This will help you determine if you are dealing with the decision maker.

If you follow the 2 simple steps above you will do a better job of qualifying your leads and you will close more deals.

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