How to #measure SEO Dwell Time with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Dwell Time is an SEO metric you should pay attention to. It measure how long a user was on your Landing page before he returned back to Google. It is rumored Google uses this metric to rank search results. So let’s pay attention and this metric will help you to optimize your site for the search engine.


00:00 – Intro
00:40 – What is Dwell Time in Google Analytics?
02:40 – How to Measure Dwell Time
05:00 – Steps to Measure Dwell Time Using Google Tag Manager
05:20 – Copying Simo Ahava’s HTML Tag
05:32 – Create Custom HTML Tag
10:30 – Adding History Change Listener Trigger
12:42 – Build Data Layer Variable for Listener SERP Bounce
14:30 – Build Data Layer Variable for Time to SERP
15:44 – Create a Custom Event Trigger Back to SERP
16:57 – Build a Google Analytics Tag
18:58 – Testing
21:50 – Create Custom Report in Google Analytics
23:05 – Summary

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