How to Download YouTube Video

Here’s the best way to download YouTube Videos to your iPhone, laptop, PC or Mac 100% legally. I will show you 2 different ways of downloading videos, so you can follow them step by step. SUBSCRIBE: 👉


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YouTube terms of service don’t allow you to download videos, unless you download them using the official methods offered by YouTube.

There are only 2 officially allowed ways to download videos from YouTube:

Method 1 (for Creators): You can download your own videos from YouTube using your YouTube Studio Dashboard. Log in to the dashboard, and go to Content. From there, you will be able to download any of your past videos.

Method 2 (for everyone): You can download any video from YouTube to your « saved » videos if you sign up to YouTube Premium. This service has a free 1-month trial which you can use to test their service and see if you like it.

NOTE: I am not paid by YouTube to promote YouTube Premium. I simply use this service myself because it’s worth it for me, I don’t have to watch ads, and I get the benefit of downloading videos to watch when I’m offline hiking or travelling.

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