How Licious Killed Meat Shops Owners ? | Licious Genius Marketing Strategy | Business Case Study

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Video Introduction:
Licious is one of the most iconic meat brands known in India. Licious was started by Abhay Hunjura and Vivek Gupta back in 2015 when Abhay used to work as an Insurance Broker and Vivek as an Investment Banker in well reputed multi national companies. In the initial days Licious began with Abhay and Vivek Going out on Scooties and delivering meat. Today with a well verse logistics network Licious is delivering more than 20 Lakh meat orders per month. The video describes various business strategies implemented by Licious which turned a small meat delivery startup into a billion-dollar company in just 5 years. This videos is a complete business case study highlighting various business and marketing strategies used by Licious to build a successful unicorn startup. The video also covers various business lessons which we can learn from Licious business case study and implement in our own business.
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Title Contents:
00:00 – Introduction To Licious Business Case Study
00:57 – How Licious was started as a Startup?
01:40 – How Licious started marketing its products?
03:28 – 1st Business Strategy of Licious
04:15 – Business Mistakes Done By Licious
05:05 – 2nd Business Strategy of Licious
07:23 – 3th Business Strategy of Licious
09:08 – Business Lessons From Licious Business Case Study
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