Google Ads Performance Max Campaign Is Designed To Complement Your Keyword-Based Search Campaigns

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Watch this video to understand the Performance Max campaign and how it can be used to complement your keyword-based search campaigns.

So it’s designed to complement your keyword-based search campaigns to help you find more converting customers across all of Google’s channels like YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, and Maps. That is also critical. You can run your ads on Google Maps. So, wherever there are searches for local searches or location-based searches like dentist near me, plumber near me, your ad on maps will definitely run. Very interesting thing which they have said is complement your keyword-based search campaigns. So it’s not competing, it is actually complementing. So what it is looking, the algorithm is looking at other type of keywords which you are running in your search campaigns and the PMax is learning from these.

When we see an account where the search campaign is being cannibalized by the Performance Max because it is eating up all the traffic it is eating up all the conversions and so on, you’ll get itchy fingers to pause the search campaign because you are losing money on it. But actually it is complementing it. So I would recommend that you run along Performance Max, your search campaign, your dynamic search ads and so on. Because all these signals is helping the algorithm to learn even better and faster. And then there are certain goal types which you can use for the Performance Max.

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