Create The Best Optin-forms (popup form) on Your Website | Email Marketing Mastery Course Part 6

Optin-forms are the best free lead generation method to build your email lists and get more email subscribers. In this video, I wanna show you how to create the best optin-forms covering all the best practices like:
Make the opt-in form clear and to the point
Explain what the subscriber will get when he subscribes
Use top bars
Stimulate curiosity to motivate people to subscribe
Adding images of your self or of the lead magnet

Then I will show you how to create an optin form from scratch on your WordPress website using the Masterpop plugin which is cheap and powerful, then I will show you how to create a signup form using Mailchimp to add to your website.

In this way, I cover both methods if you are using your won mailing system or if you are using a service like Mailchimp.

This is Part Six of My New Email Marketing Full Mastery Series for Beginners Course.
In this series, I will cover almost everything about email marketing and I will ensure that you will be a master in Email Marketing.

After you Finish This Series, you will be able to:
1- Run your own successful email marketing campaigns.
2- Teach Email Marketing
3- Manage your Client’s Email marketing campaigns

In this Part, I will cover the following topics:
Optin-forms example with best practices 👉1:12
Create the Best optin-forms (WordPress-Mailwizz with Master Popup) 👉6:04
Create Mailchimp Signup Form link 👉12:27

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