B2C2B Marketing: How to get 300% – 1000% Revenue Growth Year Over Year

The B2C2B business model is helping many companies achieve high sales and growth year after year.

In B2C2B marketing, a business will sell to a consumer who works at a company. If the consumer is satisfied with the product, they will advocate its use to their department. The product can then spread from department to department until the whole company becomes a buyer.

This marketing approach targets people throughout the organization, rather than going straight to the top with a master agreement that may or may not work.

B2C2B de-risks B2B marketing. If company leadership sees that 8 % of its staff are performing extra well with your product, there is less risk for them to implement your product across the organization.

Social selling on Linkedin is a good option for finding consumer clients who work for companies that could one day become major clients of your product.

Special thanks to Vedran Rasic, CEO of LeadDelta, for interviewing RevenueZen in the « Secrets of 7-Figure Social Sellers » Webinar!

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