B2B Marketing & Thought Leadership – Tim B. and Scott P. – The Marketing Innovation Show (Ep. 8)

On today’s episode, Andrei Tiu, alongside Tim Bond and Scott Pearson will be discussing Thought Leadership and Content Marketing in the context of B2B Marketing. Don’t miss out this strategic episode with lots of valuable insights from Tim and Scott.

Tim Bond is the Founder and CEO of Network Sunday and, with 25 years of experience in building international recruitment, outsourcing and Marketing Businesses. Scott Pearson is Head of Business Development for the same companies – Network Sunday and With 6 years of experience working in client services and sales at eCommerce, data analytics and B2B marketing organisation, Scott’s focus is on building relationships with senior marketing professionals in IT, technology and services to bring awareness to Network Sunday’s fully managed Enterprise ABM Market Engagement Solutions. is a media platform for senior businesses and technology professionals to share insights and learn from their peers on topics covering industry disruption, technology advancement and macro factors, such as regulation and pandemics.

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