AWS re:Invent 2020 – Keynote with Andy Jassy

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Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, delivers his AWS re:Invent 2020 keynote, featuring the latest news and announcements, including the launches of Habana Gaudi-based Amazon EC2 instances, AWS Trainium, Amazon ECS Anywhere, Amazon EKS Anywhere, Lambda Container Support, AWS Proton, gp3 volumes for Amazon EBS, io2 Block Express for Amazon EBS, Amazon Aurora Serverless v2, Babelfish for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, AWS Glue Elastic Views, Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler, Amazon SageMaker Feature Store, Amazon SageMaker Pipelines, Amazon DevOps Guru, Amazon QuickSight Q, Amazon Connect Wisdom, Amazon Connect Customer Profiles, Real-Time Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, Amazon Connect Tasks, Amazon Connect Voice ID, Amazon Monitron, Amazon Lookout for Equipment, AWS Panorama Appliance, AWS Panorama SDK, AWS Outposts in two new smaller sizes, and 12 additional AWS Local Zones. Guest speakers include Lori Beer, of JPMorgan Chase, Blake Scholl, of Boom, and David Gitlin, of Carrier.

Launch Announcements:
0:00 Andy Jassy Keynote
38:49 Habana Gaudi-based Amazon EC2 instances
39:37 AWS Trainium
43:53 Amazon ECS Anywhere
44:40 Amazon EKS Anywhere
48:59 Lambda Container Support
51:14 AWS Proton
1:00:10 gp3 volumes for EBS
1:03:01 io2 Block Express for EBS
1:08:54 Amazon Aurora Serverless v2
1:11:43 Babelfish for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL
1:19:01 AWS Glue Elastic Views
1:40:43 Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler
1:43:51 Amazon SageMaker Feature Store
1:45:34 Amazon SageMaker Pipelines
1:51:55 Amazon DevOps Guru
1:57:12 Amazon QuickSight Q
2:05:16 Amazon Connect Wisdom
2:06:51 Amazon Connect Customer Profiles
2:10:02 Real-Time Contact Lens for Amazon Connect
2:12:50 Amazon Connect Tasks
2:14:00 Amazon Connect Voice ID
2:28:52 Amazon Monitron
2:30:11 Amazon Lookout for Equipment
2:31:49 AWS Panorama Appliance
2:33:30 AWS Panorama SDK
2:42:53 AWS Outposts in two new smaller sizes
2:44:38 12 additional AWS Local Zones

Guest Speakers:
20:40 Lori Beer, of JPMorgan Chase
29:24 Jerry Hunter, of Snap Inc
55:06 Don MacAskill, of SmugMug
1:22:05 Blake Scholl, of Boom
1:31:34 Marianna Tessel, of Intuit
2:00:04 Paul Cheesbrough, of Fox Corporation
2:20:04 David Gitlin, of Carrier
2:35:03 Zach Blitz, of Riot Games

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