Amazon Keyword Research For PPC & SEO Using SellerApp Tool – Complete Tutorial

Amazon Keyword Research can get complicated. Check out our free tool and be worry free!

In this tutorial, Ankitha will run a detailed walkthrough of the brand new Q2 update of the SellerApp Keyword Research feature.

Ankitha will show you how to do Amazon Keyword Research to help you to dominate rank better in Amazon search and also for PPC and SEO on 2019

Keywords play a very important role in your Amazon business, whether you are in product research phase or are optimizing your listings to improve visibility & ranking. Keywords literally have the power to make or break your sales! Hence, it becomes crucial that you have a reliable & robust keyword research tool to get an exhaustive, detailed list of all the right keywords and search terms.

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Topics we have discussed in this video:

1) Amazon keyword research basics –
-What is Amazon Keywords?
– What are keywords and why do you use them?
– Understanding keywords and analyzing what keywords to target
– How To Use or Enter Amazon Keywords

2) Categorizing keywords based on Search Intent –
– Top-level high search volume categorization for organic visibility and niche association
– Organic and advertising focused longtail, high buying intent keywords for increased conversions
– Broad grouping for early-stage customer awareness
– Amazon Keyword Limit

3) Using SellerApp to research super-accurate keywords –
– Amazon Keyword indexing
– Amazon product visibility

– Keyword specific competitor analysis
– Different types of match types
– Audience targeting through keywords – Example of keywords, corresponding customers and their behavior
– Keyword difficulty level
– Importance and usage of High target Long tail keywords
– Amazon Keyword trends
– New Amazon Keyword Rules Update
– Amazon Reverse ASIN.- Identifying good keywords from potential competitor listings.
– Generate relevant keywords and ASINs for SEO and PPC advertising


SellerApp is a system that makes e-commerce selling seamless: We are working on data extraction & data aggregation of eCommerce platforms for extracting meaningful insights for online sellers worldwide. – In this video Arishekar Nagaraj, Sr. Director of Marketing & Growth at SellerApp explores Amazon FBA product research essentials and the importance of Amazon product research metrics and some interesting tips for market research.

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